“When You Fast…”


 “And when you fast…” Matthew 6:16a

Biblical fasting is to abstain from eating food or specific foods for a designated period of time for spiritual purposes. (Now if you feel like reading no further at the definition of a fast, hang in there.) Fasting, although has become something of an antique in the Christian life, it is God’s method for breakthrough, healing, and a discipline which His divine power works through us. Matthew 6 doesn’t say, “If you fast” but “When you fast.” Fasting is meant to be a regular part of a Christian’s diet.

  • Has your relationship with God become hum-drum?
  • Has worship become monotonous?
  • Is the bible a struggle to read and understand?

These may be signs that your edge for spiritual living has become dull. There is only one remedy for a dull spiritual edge. It’s not a new church. It’s not a different bible translation. It’s not a different service day or time. The remedy is fasting.

Much of our spiritual living is impacted by our physical appetites. Reading the word, prayer, worship, and serving are all spiritual activities that are at the mercy of our physical being.Try doing anyone of them without a physical body. If you have lost the drive for spiritual activity, fasting will refresh your spirit by breaking the control the flesh has over your spiritual appetite.

When you fast you are denying your physical appetites and breaking the grip they have on your spiritual hunger. Spiritual fasting works because we stop feeding our flesh (literally) and feast on the Spirit. Sacrificing food for a period of time gives us clarity allowing us to focus on spiritual development.

Jesus fasted prior to beginning His ministry, before He selected His first disciple and prior to performing His first miracle. Fasting refocuses our ability to hear and see God and to know His will. We become more sensitive to His voice and gain a deeper understanding of the Bible.

If denying yourself specific foods for a period of time could bring breakthrough in your life, would you do it? If fasting would give you clarity of God’s word and will would you do it? If by fasting you could tap into the power of God as the bible describes, would you fast?

Fasting can and fasting will! Spiritual fasting impacts your life well-beyond the time you set aside to fast.

**If you have pre-existing medical conditions please consult your Doctor prior to any kind of fasting.

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