Right Place. Right Time.

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How do you respond to unexpected events in life? Do you panic? Do you immediately feel overwhelmed and powerless? Our initial reaction may be fear, but our perspective on the situation will determine our response.

If we can readjust our perspective and see challenges as faith opportunities, we will go from defeat to victory, discouraged to encouraged, from hopeless to hopeful. Our success in life is influenced less by our abilities and more by our perspective.


When Goliath confronted the armies of Israel, the army saw an enemy they could not defeat. But when David saw Goliath he picked up three stones and saw an enemy he could not miss.

When the twelve spies of Israel went to survey the Promised Land, ten saw an unbeatable enemy the size of giants. But two of the spies returned convinced they could defeat the enemy and secure God’s promise.

There is a woman in the Bible by the name of Esther. Esther grew up without parents and lived among people and a culture that did not share her beliefs. From the start, the odds were against Esther. Then this one-time orphan in a foreign land was selected from the crowd and becomes Queen.


If you have put your faith in God, He directs, redirects and redeems every circumstance and situation in our life. Promotions often come with benefits, but that is never God’s main agenda. God is less interested in making us rich as He is in rescuing broken and lost people.

Just as Esther was enjoying the benefits that came from being Queen, she’s confronted with some unexpected news. Her cousin and surrogate-father, Mordecai, informs her that one of the King’s advisors has created a plan to kill every Jewish man, woman, and child. Esther is faced with a choice, she can do nothing and attempt to conceal her identity, or she can confront this evil plot.

Esther had four characteristics, making her the right candidate to intervene, working in her favor.

#1 Position

“Who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this?”

Have you considered that God has strategically positioned you where you are for a reason? Maybe you’re at your school, in that classroom on that campus or at your job, in that department, working with those specific people and living in that home or that neighborhood as an intermediary between Heaven and Earth! God wants you to partner with Him to bring real hope to those around you.

If you feel unhappy or unfulfilled with your current position, maybe it’s time to change your perspective! If circumstances are pressuring you to make a change, ask God to reveal if your perspective needs altering first before you make a change.

#2 Purpose

Every position comes with a purpose.

When we make our position about the material benefits and not about God’s purpose, we miss an opportunity be a part of what God is doing. There is a divine purpose behind your promotion.

The correct perspective on “the ladder of success” is to see it as a platform to help others that would otherwise be out of reach. Some of us have experienced short-term success not because we were unqualified but because we neglected God’s purpose.

#3 Proximity

Proximity binds position and purpose together. Sometimes the things we complain about are Divine notifications of our purpose. Instead of complaining about people, places and things we need to engage the situation in prayer. God has allowed you to see or experience things, that others don’t see, to lead change.

Your proximity gives you a specific amount of exposure and influence that allows you to be a part of the solution. Don’t allow fear to keep you from walking in the purpose of your position.

#4 Power

Esther did not rely upon her position, purpose or proximity for power but on God. She tells Mordecai to gather the people to pray and fast. Prayer and fasting are required when the threat level is elevated above our capacity to act on our own.

God has made available to you divine power to demolish every stronghold, 2 Corinthians 10:4. The word “demolish” means to uproot completely, leaving no trace of its former habitation. There is no stronghold affecting our homes, school, work or community that can withstand the power of God.

Prayer and fasting counter your enemy’s attempt to interfere with God’s will and promises. God has positioned you with a purpose and placed you in proximity to the problem because you have the power available to create change. Fast, pray and confront the challenge in the confidence of God’s providence.



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