Cultivating Commitment


At some point, we have been the victim or the perpetrator of a broken commitment. Moments like these can have a devastating effect on our psyche and trust. How do we maintain faithfulness to a God we can’t see when we sometimes fail at being faithful to people we do see?

As humans, we are prone to wanting what’s not ours. The dangers of coveting can lead us to compromise our relationships, our faith and damage our character. In the book of James we learn four keys to cultivating faithfulness to God. (See James 4:6-8)

#1 Grace.

“But God gives more grace…” James 4:6

The essence of grace is abundance. Grace always abounds and overflows. God always gives more grace that we need to supersede our short-comings and weaknesses.  There’s a catch…you need to humble yourself.

Prideful people don’t feel they need grace or that they have done anything wrong to require grace. Abundant, overflowing grace is received by people who realize they need it and can’t live without it.

#2 Submit and resist.

To be singularly committed to God, we need to submit to Him and resist the devil. To resist is to stand against his words, promises, and ways.

When Jesus was fasting for 40 days, He was tempted by Satan, who offered Jesus the kingdoms of the world and food to eat if only He would worship him. Jesus resisted his false promises and remained faithful to God.

Resisting sometimes requires you to remove yourself from the place of temptation to effectively submit to God. Like Joseph in Egypt, don’t negotiate when you’re being tempted to sin, run, and don’t look back.

#3 Draw near to God.

Drawing near to God has a reciprocating effect, God draws near to you!

Like the prodigal father who saw his son in the distance, he did not wait for the son to ring the doorbell, but he ran towards him and embraced him. God doesn’t give you the cold shoulder or make you earn His forgiveness; He draws near and embraces you, every time.

#4 Repentance.

We need to turn 180 degrees away from destructive desires that will steal, kill, and destroy your faith in God. Repentance purifies you and restores you to the right place and position.

“for the righteous falls seven times and rises again, but the wicked stumble in times of calamity.” Proverbs 24:16

It’s not if the righteous fall but that the righteous fall. What makes them righteous is that they repent and don’t stay stuck in sin. A Christian isn’t a person who never sins. If you and I are going to have a fruitful and effective faith-filled life, we need to master repentance.

On this journey of discipleship as our old nature is being extinguished, we will experience flare-ups. When that happens, repent because God has given you an abundance of grace, then submit to God’s word and resist the lies of the devil, and draw near to God as He draws near to you.

“Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will exalt you.” James 4:10

  • God will exalt those who humble themselves.
  • Those who exalt themselves will eventually be humbled.
  • God humbles us not to harm us but for our good.

Implement these four-disciplines in your spiritual life and cultivate faithfulness to God. Faithfulness will have a sweeping effect on every area and relationship in your life!

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