Wisdom for Fruitful Living Part 2

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In this blog, I want to continue the conversation from the last post regarding the acquisition of wisdom. We are looking at the Book of Proverbs, chapter 24 to unpack the last two pairs of wise instructions.

The third set of wisdom truths is about our response when your enemies fall. It’s in our carnal nature to celebrate our enemy’s failures. We will even justify our celebration.

We celebrate by saying things like;

  • They had that coming.
  • They got what they deserve
  • It’s about time they got a taste of their own medicine.

It’s not that the guilty shouldn’t be punished or experience consequences, but godly men and women don’t celebrate others’ failures.

When we gloat over their demise, we remove hope from the equation. When that happens, God will shift his anger away from the one who fell in order to correct you.

Don’t gloat when your enemy falls but pray that God will rescue them from their ways.

The final words of instruction from Provers 24:19-20 is a reminder that we need to be continually reminded of because it’s easy to fall into this habit.

Fret not yourself because of evildoers, and do not be envious of the wicked.”

Have you ever looked at someone who isn’t serving God and who doesn’t even try to do the right thing and get frustrated when they prosper?

  • Maybe it’s that unbelieving co-worker who is dishonest and gets the promotion that you were praying for.
  • Maybe you see a student in class cheat on a test and get away with it?

When you look at unbelievers enviously you may start to question if serving God is worth it. You may wonder who God is really blessing.

That phrase “fret not” comes from the Hebrew word that means “to burn” “to be angry.” It’s the imagery of someone stewing in frustration and anger. We are instructed to not fret when the unbeliever prospers because they have no future.

Righteous living may take more effort and discipline but it’s worth the reward.

  • Anger may be easier.
  • Envy may be easier.
  • Coveting may be easier, but it will end abruptly.

Commit to studying God’s word and make Proverbs a regular part of your devotional life. I just started going through Proverbs with a few friends on the Youversion Bible app. I’d love you have you be a part of that. Click this link and join our journey through the book of wisdom!

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