Numerous studies have shown that our minds have a bias toward negativity. This explains how everything in our day can be going great, and then someone makes a negative comment, and our day is ruined.  

But that doesn’t have to be our story. The Bible is full of good news, promises, and blessings for those who belong to God.

What does it mean to be blessed? The Biblical definition and our definition may be different, but I promise you God’s is better! Tucked away in Ephesians 1:3 are four essential truths about being blessed.

#1 It’s not the receiver who is blessed but the giver who is blessed.

Many define “blessed” as being on the receiving end of another’s generosity. Yet, according to Ephesians 1:3, God is blessed for blessing us. Reversing this model can cause us to become materialistic and put our value or happiness in getting stuff.

#2 We are blessed to be a blessing.

The goal of receiving is that we become a giver. That’s why Jesus is quoted as saying, “It is better to give than receive” Acts 20:35. When God blesses you, it’s meant for your enjoyment and to be a blessing to others.

#3 We are given every spiritual blessing.

Whether you’ve been a Christian for one day or 100 years, you are the recipient of EVERY SPIRITUAL BLESSING! Verse 3 says, “…(God) who HAS blessed us.” (Italics mine) It’s been given. It’s a done deal.

#4 Originate in the heavenly places.

This explains that God’s blessings originate in the Spirit and come from Heaven. Therefore, because our blessings originate in the heavenly place, nothing in this life can prevent, interfere or take away God’s blessings.

Now let’s unpack these six blessings Paul mentions, understanding that this is not an exhaustive list.

#1 You are holy and blameless. (v.4)

The Bible teaches that without holiness, no one will see God. It is God who makes us holy. This allows us to commune with Him!

The idea of being blameless is huge! This is symbolic of the offerings required in the Old Testament, which needed to be without defect.

The priest would examine the offering to make sure it met the qualifications. God has examined us, and we are without blemish and accepted by Him!

#2 Adopted into God’s family. (v.5)

Adoption is a powerful expression; it communicates desire. A person who is adopted was either rejected, abandoned, or separated from their birth parents.

Sin separated us from God, but God reaches out to us and, through salvation, adopts us into His family. We gain an inheritance from God, who puts His seal of acceptance upon us.

#3 Recipient of God’s glorious grace. (v.6)

Grace gives us strength, enables us to rise up from the ashes of failure, abounds our sins, and provides us unearned, unmerited favor from God. Grace allows us to experience every blessing of God.

#4 Full redemption and forgiveness from all our trespasses. (v.7)

Jesus died once and for all, paying the price for all our past, present, and future sins. Does this mean we can continue to sin once we become a Christian? By no means.

1My little children, I am writing these things to you so that you may not sin. But if anyone does sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous. 2He is the propitiation for our sins, and not for ours only but also for the sins of the whole world.” 1 John 2:1-2

#5 He has made known to us the mystery of His will. (v.9)

God’s ways and thoughts are not ours, but He has made His plan of salvation known to us. If you seek Him with all your heart, you will find Him, Jeremiah 29:13. God isn’t hiding from us or making it hard to find, but we must seek Him.

#6 We have a guaranteed inheritance. (v.11)

To sum up our inheritance in one word, it’s Heaven! Our darkest moments in this life result from sin and temptation. Imagine living in a world where you are not tempted by sin nor have to deal with the effects of sin. This inheritance is promised to those who believe in Jesus and follow Him.

The Bible is full of good news and promises for those who are a part of God’s family. God’s blessings are cyclical in nature. You are blessed to be a blessing!

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