who is the Holy Spirit p3

It is the Holy Spirit who first introduces you to God and then He enables and empowers you to live a godly life to the fullest. Without a proper understanding of who He is, we may mistakenly attribute His activity in our life as luck, chance or karma.

If you have missed part one and part two of this series on the Holy Spirit you can click the respected links and catch up. (I will wait for you here if you want to catch up.)

In Genesis 2 God formed mankind from the dust and his body laid there lifeless until God breathed into him the breath of life. This was also the act of giving mankind his spirit.

There was no life without the spirit. We are born-again when the Holy Spirit breathes life into our spirit which sin has corrupted. Jesus said “Truly, truly, I tell you, unless one is born of water and Spirit he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God,John 3:5.

In Isaiah 10:20-27, the prophet speaks of God’s pending deliverance from the Assyrians. Israel is in captivity of the Assyrians, who are dominating the world during this time. How could God’s people be in such a situation? Once again, Israel did evil before God by rejecting His law and turning to idols.

Understand that Israel did not commit one act of evil and then God dispensed judgment, but over time they repeatedly rejected God and His law. God allowed years to go by, all the while, attempting to turn their attention to repentance.

Injustice can only go on for so long before a just-God must respond. For God to overlook the repeated and unrepented sins of a group of people makes it pointless for a remnant of faithful people to remain faithful. Without justice, there is no accountability to live right. God will delay judgment for as long as possible.

When we think we are getting away with sin and continue to repeat it, we are surrendering an opportunity to repent and escape a guilty verdict our actions deserve. Because of their disobedience, God removed His protection from them, but not His promises.

Our disobedience doesn’t annul God’s promises, but it will delay them. God is always ready to do more with us, through us and for us, but sin pulls us away from what life could be.

Isaiah uses the description “mighty God” to show how deliverance will come from God. For years Israel had been powerless to break free from their oppressors. There are some battles we can’t win without God.

Now you may be thinking to yourself, “What does this have to do with me better understanding the Holy Spirit?” Context is key. Isaiah is talking about deliverance. The Assyrians put an unbearable yoke on the Israelites. A yoke joined two objects together. A destructive yoke in our life is a lifestyle or philosophy of living that is contrary to the word of God.

When we reject God’s laws and teaching, our rebellious pursuits bind us with a negative yoke. God’s law is not meant to keep us from life, it is designed to keep us from self-destruction. Sin will cost you everything.

Time will not break the yoke.

Religion will not break the yoke.

Will-power will not break the yoke.

Positive thinking will not break the yoke.

Isaiah 10:27 declares that the “anointing oil breaks the yoke”. Oil in the Bible is a symbol of the Holy Spirit. The anointing oil was used for consecration, to be set apart to God. Kings, prophets, and priest were anointed to symbolize the Holy Spirit’s work, guidance, and empowerment in their office and life. King David understood the sacredness of the anointing when he said he would not touch God’s anointed, 1 Samuel 24:6.

The Holy Spirit is with you and will break every yoke in your life. Left unmanaged, a yoke will crush you until you break or lose all hope.

“For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.” Galatians 5:1

Are there strongholds in your life that need to be broken? Is a yoke robbing you of joy, peace, and a thriving relationship with God? You don’t have to remain yoked. God has given us the Holy Spirit to break every yoke. Once the yoke is broken, we must live differently less we become yoked again.

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