Prayer for Afghanistan

On the news, you may have seen how the Taliban is ravaging the country of Afghanistan and has even caused the President of Afghanistan to flee under threat of life.

There is an unnumbered tally of Christians living there under tremendous persecution, which is about to worsen as the Taliban assumes control of the country.

Afghanistan is rated as the second most highly persecuted country of Christians.

When an Afghan man or woman comes to Christ, they are disowned from their family, and some even face death as an act of restoring the family’s honor. Yet, just like God shut the mouths of the lions for Daniel, let’s ask God to protect our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan.

Join me in praying for these 5 things.

#1 The safety and protection of our Christian brothers and sisters.
#2 Discernment on how they should respond to the instability in Afghanistan.
#3 That their faith will grow stronger.
#4 Many will come to Christ.
#5 World leaders will intervene.

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