What Is A Daniel Fast?


2 In those days I, Daniel, was mourning for three weeks. 3 I ate no delicacies, no meat or wine entered my mouth, nor did I anoint myself at all, for the full three weeks. 

Daniel 10:2-3

What is a Daniel-fast? I’m not sure Daniel set out to make a name for himself with his fast, he was simply doing what he knew to do when faced with difficulty beyond his control. In Daniel 10, Daniel finds himself in need of a “God-sized” intervention. He is in a foreign land. He is separated from his people. Yet, God has given him favor with the king. But Daniel has a vision that he does not understand. So he commits to fasting in order to gain understanding from God.

Daniel didn’t set out to fast for 21 days but it took 21 days to receive an answer. Aren’t you glad it didn’t take Daniel 50 days to get an answer? Otherwise we would be discussing participating in a 50-day Daniel fast. For 21-days Daniel choose to sacrifice the comforts and necessities of life in order to gain spiritual breakthrough.

Have you ever felt like you were on the cusp of breakthrough yet remained in a holding pattern for an extended period of time? Have you ever prayed for wisdom and waited for an answer but gave up because God didn’t answer according to your  timeline? We we have an unseen enemy who is looking to obstruct God’s will from manifesting in your life.

Daniel discovered that from the moment he set out to pray and fast God sent messenger angels to give the answer but a demonic force began to fight them in an attempt to stop the answer from arriving. The Apostle Paul speaks about this type of spiritual warfare in Ephesians 6. So Daniel ate no delicacies, no meat, or wine, nor did he anoint himself with oil for 21 days.

Delicacies and meat were a luxury in his day and afforded by his position. They weren’t necessary to sustain life but they made life more pleasant. Anything that we use to “ease” the difficulty of life can replace God as the source of our joy, peace, and strength. Daniel resigned himself to depend on nothing else but God.

Wine and oil were an aid to good health. The desert conditions where Daniel lived would cause his skin to become dry and crack. Oil would be applied as a moisturizer as well as an ointment to prevent infection from setting in. Likewise wine would kill the bacteria that would cause sickness or even death. For 21 days Daniel was making a declaration that God was all he needed.

Fasting brings results that no other activity can produce because you tangibly declare your absolute trust and faith in God to supply all your needs! When you choose to fast you break down your carnal nature and allow your spirit to be built up without resistance. Choose today to start 2017 with a Daniel fast and believe God for a breakthrough year!

**If you have pre-existing health issues that could be complicated by a change in diet please consult your physician prior to beginning.

4 thoughts on “What Is A Daniel Fast?

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  2. I’ll be going on the Daniel Fasting this coming Wednesday
    January 4,2017.
    May The Lord Help Me to last the three week’s with the rest of my brother’s and sister’s.


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