Unwrapping Christmas


“Then, opening their treasures, they offered him gifts” Matthew 2:11

Most if not all of your presents have likely been unwrapped this Christmas. The wrapping paper has been collected, boxes stacked and ready to be recycled. The anticipation of a day filled with celebration has come to an end for another year. “All is calm, all is bright.

Several months after the birth of Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus were visited by yet another round of guest. At His birth shepherds were directed to the manger by the leading of angels. Both Mary and Joseph had an encounter with an angel at the pronouncement of Mary’s pregnancy. And now Mary and Joseph are met by Magi from the East. These were prominent, well-educated, and wealthy men who made their way to the home of Joseph and Mary.

For years these men studied the prophecies concerning the birth of the one who would be the King of kings. They traversed the hot, humid dessert based on signs they had calculated from the book of Daniel and other biblical writings. (*Jesus was likely born in the middle or end of summer, read this.)

Undoubtedly exhausted from their travels, upon seeing Jesus they fell down and worshiped Him. Without question the boy-child Jesus was the fulfillment of every sign and prophecy they had read. These non-Jewish men comprehended what most had failed to see, God’s Messiah had come!

Their worship was accompanied by the giving of gifts. Matthew 2:11 says that they “opened their treasures, they offered him gifts.” These men brought the best they had to offer. They did not present their leftovers to Him or give what they could live without. They did not offer gifts out of their excess but they parted with their treasures.

  • What gifts have you to offer your King?
  • What is the best that you have to give?
  • What is the most valuable, costly gift that you can give to Him?

As you reflect on this question let me suggest three gifts fitting the King of kings.

Your obedience. “Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice,1 Samuel 15:22. Make every decision based on what brings God the most glory and not what makes life easiest for you.

Your time. Time is the most valuable asset we have. We can do nothing to add a single hour to our life. We can only steward our time in such a way that we maximize our use of it. Don’t simply add God to your busy schedule but build your schedule around God.

Your love. God is not only the creator of love, He is love! We are never more like God than when we love others unconditionally. Without love the Apostle Paul says in 1 Corinthians 13:1 that we are a noisy gong. Let love motivate and influence every thought, word and action.

Christmas is not a single day event but a reminder each year of God’s greatest gift to mankind, His Son Jesus Christ. Embrace Christmas every day of the year by worshiping and offering Him your best gifts.

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