Why Aren’t My Prayers Answered?


I’m sure we have all felt this way at one time or another. I sure have! Have you questioned if you are praying correctly because it feels like God answers the prayers of others and not yours? Prayer is ordained by God to do the will of God. Prayer works!

The bible gives a couple of reasons why prayers are not answered. James 1:6,7 says we don’t receive an answer to our prayers because we don’t believe God will answer us. Doubt extinguishes faith and leaves prayers unanswered. Prayer without faith will always fail.

Another reason James gives for prayer failure is we ask with wrong motives, James 4:3. We pray not for God’s will but for our own pleasures. The reason Jesus’ prayers were so fruitful is because He continually prayed, “not my will but Your will be done.”

  • Are you praying with wrong motives?
  • Are your prayers for selfish gain?

If not and your prayers are still lacking results, keep reading.

In Matthew 17 Jesus returns with three of His disciples and rejoins the other nine who have amassed a crowd of people whom they are praying for. As Jesus arrives the disciples are struggling to pray for a boy who suffers from a severe illness. The father of this boy approaches Jesus and begs Him to have mercy on his son and heal him because the disciples are unable to.

  • Was the father asking for selfishly motivated reasons? No.
  • Did the father doubt that God would or could heal his son? No.

Notice the faith of this father who absolutely believed that prayer would heal his son. He approached the disciples and expected his son to be healed.

Jesus explained in Matthew 17:21 21 [But this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting.”]. There are some situations in life that require more than just prayer. When answers to prayer are lacking it may be time to fast. Let me explain

In Daniel 10 we read how Daniel received a vision from God but was perplexed by its meaning and application. So he set out to fast to gain clarity from God. We read that from the moment he began to pray and fast the answer was dispatched but God’s messenger was obstructed from relaying the answer by a dark spiritual force. After 21-days of fasting Daniel experienced breakthrough and the answer to his prayer. Without fasting Daniel would have forfeited his answered prayer.

If God hasn’t said “no” to your prayer then there may be opposition in the spiritual realm obstructing your answer. This enemy understands the power of faith and will do everything he can to discourage you and to squash your faith.

Don’t forfeit your miracle and leave your answer on the table. Like Daniel, commit to fasting and secure breakthrough and receive your answer! (For more information on “What Is A Daniel Fast,” click here.)

**If you have pre-existing health issues that could be complicated by a change in diet please consult your physician prior to beginning.

One thought on “Why Aren’t My Prayers Answered?

  1. Excellent reminder on what to keep in mind when praying! Our reasons for a prayer are one of our biggest hindrances because they are usually selfish. Then we have to also learn to wait on God’s timing to answer the prayer. Thanks for sharing the reminder!

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