It Begins…


Today is the day. You may woke up this morning with mixed emotions. If this is your first fast or the first in a long while you may feel a bit anxious. The unknown always produces these types of emotions. Now take a deep breath and exhale.

Today marks an important day in your life. It is the day you draw the line separating the status quo and a biblically centered life. It marks the day you declare war on the appetites of your flesh and choose to feast on spiritual food. Today marks the day where you bridge the gap between what the bible teaches and experiencing everything the bible teaches.

At the heart of fasting is humility. It is the humble whom God exalts and the self-exalted He humbles (Matthew 23:12, James 4:10, 1 Peter 5:6, Proverbs 29:23). Pride sneaks in through false confidence but always precedes struggle and downfall. Pride must be extracted from our lives or it will destroy us.

As we begin our fast together let’s focus our attention on repentance. There is likely something you are currently aware of in your life that needs to be repented.

  • A closet sin.
  • A lack of self-control or fruit of the Spirit.
  • A disparaging distance between you and God’s word or prayer.
  • Little to no hunger or thirst for righteousness.

Spend this week repenting and ask the Holy Spirit to dig deep in your life to uproot sin. If you have been rejecting conviction there is a chance that you have become blind to active sin. Let’s get our heart and spirit ready for what God wants to do these next 21 days by allowing the Holy Spirit to bring to the surface those things we have buried.

Through fasting God is making all things new in your life. He will renew your first love for Him and for righteousness. Through fasting we will see the greater works Jesus said we will do become the rule not the exception in our lives!

Fasting realigns our life with the Kingdom of God. I am humbled to be on this journey with you and I am excited about the testimonies that will come as a result of fasting!

For King and Kingdom!

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