Thankful Disposition


If you’ve been following along, during the month of November, we have directed our focus on creating a thankful disposition. It’s human nature to focus on the negative, the disappointments and the things we don’t have, neglecting the relationships and things we do have. Being thankful requires you to be mindful, to listen, and to look.

The Apostle Paul shares with us two important reminders in creating a thankful attitude.

#1 “I heard of your faith.”

At the moment, Paul wasn’t focused on rejection or on those who had abandoned the faith but on those who were growing and holding fast to faith. What you listen to will influence your emotions and mindset. Set your attention and mindset on the right things!

#2 “Remembering you in my prayers.”

Our perspective can be tainted by what we think about. For every negative, there is a positive. You choose which you are going to remember. One will deepen your sense of loneliness/rejection and the other is going to boost your sense of gratitude. Choose wisely.

Over the past few weeks, I have dealt with a few minor bouts of illness. I don’t like pain, and when experiencing prolonged pain, I quickly forget what it was like not having pain. I’ve been well a week now, and let me tell you, every morning I wake up feeling thankful I’m not sick or feeling pain. I don’t focus on my past pain but being well.

Spend time this week reflecting on the people in your life who matter most. Begin by thanking God for Jesus Christ, who is a constant in our lives and is for us, not against us. Make a choice to “listen” to the right voices and choose to remember the good not the bad. We have much more to be thankful for than not.

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