Building Spiritual Walls


There seems to be a lot of talk about walls these days. This is not one of those talks. This is not a political post. The wall’s I want to talk with you about is spiritual in context and will help you live victoriously no matter what comes your way.

Joy and peace are two characteristics that are guaranteed in the life of a Christian. Yet why do so many Christians appear to live in search of what has been promised to them? It may have something to do with walls.

In Bible times, the strength of a city was enhanced by the size of their walls. Walls provided you a defensible position to protect yourself from invasion. Remember in the book of Joshua how the people of Jericho boasted of the strength of their walls?

The walls of Jericho were so big homes were built into the wall. On portions of the wall, they even had chariot races! These were MASSIVE walls. Most invaders found their walls to be impenetrable, except God.

Spiritual walls in your life are crucial to fending off the emotional and spiritual attacks of the enemy. You need spiritual walls in place before trials hit so that you can handle them victoriously.

You need your spiritual walls up so that;

  • Discouragement can’t invade.
  • Fear can’t sneak in.
  • Anxiety or stress can’t creep in.
  • Doubt or lies can’t glide in.

When our walls are broken we are vulnerable to attacks. We have an enemy, named Satan, who wants to rob us of every good gift God desires to give. Broken walls are a sign that spiritual disciplines have been neglected.

We build spiritual walls by reinforcing spiritual disciplines in our life, i.e. reading God’s word, prayer, serving, giving, fasting, just to name a few. We build our walls through constant, continuous, repeated actions until they become second nature. Building with the wrong “stuff” will reveal itself when the storms of life hit.

How are your walls?

One important side note on anxiety; don’t treat it lightly. Anxiety can creep into our life by negative thinking patterns that cause us to perceive things in a negative light. That leads us to a singular dark outcome that appears unchangeable.

Chronic anxiety may reveal a genuine need for medical attention. Applying a spiritual remedy when a physical remedy is required, will lead you into greater anxiety and depression. Know the difference between being sad and being depressed.

Complacency is the enemy of routine. A routine is a powerful tool for developing new or solidifying habits. Commit to building positive routines that will aid you in spiritual development so you can establish walls for defense.

For every necessary routine, there is a countering influence that must be arrested. Begin by asking the Holy Spirit to reveal any activity in your life that is stealing time away from spiritual development. Be intentional in building walls that will keep the wrong influences out and enjoy every promise salvation through Jesus Christ affords you!

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