Supernatural Faith Part 1: Overcoming Obstascles

As we look forward to 2022, I believe 2 Chronicles 16:9 sets the theme for us as followers of Jesus!

“For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to give support to those whose heart is blameless toward Him…” 2 Chronicles 16:9a

God is looking for those who are blameless, which means undivided, committed to His purposes, and He will give support to us! We are not in this alone. Obedience in faith unlocks the supernatural to accomplish what we cannot do in the natural alone!

The supernatural is the activity of God to do what we could not do apart from faith.

This is where logic and faith collide. Faith defies logic and accomplishes what logic concludes is impossible. The supernatural is the relationship between obedience and trust in God.

In Joshua 6, Joshua is faced with a HUGE challenge as he leads God’s people to the promised land, as he confronts the city of Jericho that is securely shut, inside and outside.

Modern-day excavations of this site reveal that these walls were 14 feet wide. This was an extremely fortified and impossible feat in Joshua’s day, even with his military experience and success.

And yet, looking at the same walls as Joshua, the LORD says to him, “See, I have given Jericho into your hand.” So Joshua had to change how he saw the problem if he was going to see a victory. The one sure way to derail victory is disobedience.

When faced with problems, we must focus on the problem solver.

  • Focusing on the problems will deflate you.
  • Focussing on the problem solver will elevate you.

Joshua’s enemies did not stand a chance against God as long as the people remained obedient to God’s instructions. Yet, God’s instructions likely appeared even more impossible than any military strategy to breach the walls.

God instructed the people to walk around the city quietly, once a day for six days. The military men walked in front and the Priests with the ark in the middle and all the people behind them.

The presence of God was at the center of the procession. The lesson for us is to keep God at the center of our lives!

And then, on the seventh day, they were to walk around seven times, and on the seventh time, the Priests were to blow their trumpets, and the people would shout.


God’s methods don’t always make sense. Yet, this is where obedience produces a supernatural response.

God’s methods are about achieving His glory. So when God gives us instructions that seem illogical, unbelievable, or impossible, it’s because He is about to do something for our good and for His glory.

God’s instructions to Joshua were saturated with His glory. (His glory is making visible the invisible attributes of God.)

There are seven Priests, seven trumpets, and on the seventh day, they are to walk around seven times.

The number seven has an important meaning in Hebrew culture as the root word of seven (Shevah) means “to be full, to be satisfied.” Seven is the number of completion, as, on the seventh day, God rested from the Creation work and sanctified the seventh day.

The trumpet the seven Priests were instructed to blow on that seventh day was also significant, a ram’s horn. The Hebrew word for a ram’s horn is jobel, which comes from the root word jubilee.

The Priests were not signaling war on Jericho but proclaiming joy, celebrating the victory God would give them! As Christians, we don’t fight for victory; we fight from victory.

When we walk in God’s will, seeking first His kingdom and His righteousness, there is no wall too big and no circumstance too great that faith in God cannot overcome!

Hear me; You may be on your fifth or sixth lap around Jericho!

What if, after three or four laps, the people decided this is ridiculous? Why are we embarrassing ourselves by walking in circles, and they quit? They would have missed out on witnessing the supernatural intervention!

As we begin a New Year, the great commission is still the primary responsibility of every follower of Jesus. We have been forgiven so that we can point others to Jesus!

Sharing the good news is the essence of what it means to follow Jesus!

It’s time to revive our mission, focus, and obedience in sharing the good news with those around us. As we pursue the great commission, God will empower us supernaturally to break down walls that we can’t in the natural.

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